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When we moved here from Texas three years ago we tried several barns in our search for “the” barn. We found it at Twisted Tree. Janet and her team have given our daughter Rebecca a place to belong, one that gives her confidence in her riding ability and constant encouragement in her quest to improve her jumping skills. Thanks Janet for all you have done for Rebecca.

-Sincerely, Phil & Ruth Marsteller

Summer 2013 Twisted Tree Farm brought a little bit of Mexico to Scottsdale, Arizona, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Sonoma, California! Katia Yurrita from Mexico City joined Team TTF for our summer horse show tour and made priceless memories, everlasting friendships and gained invaluable experience. This vivacious young lady spent 3 months teaching horseback riding camps, grooming horses for competition from the children’s jumper to the F.E.I. levels, assisted in the care of 20 horses, traveled with riders and horses from Arizona to Canada, helping with marketing and public relationships at home as well as at shows and much, much more! Katia was able to learn the sport of show jumping through intense, hands on, all-encompassing experience. Not only did Katia gain from her experience but she also left everyone at TTF with hightened spirits and a smile.

My name is Ashley Duermit, I am a student at Black Hawk College. As an Equine Science student, I was encouraged to complete an internship in the equine industry. I chose Twisted Tree Farm because it is a hunter/jumper training facility. I interned for four months and leaned so much. I was able to work with horses everyday and traveled with Twisted Tree to horse shows. I even had the amazing opportunity to work at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I miss riding in Janet's lessons because I learned so much from her! I would go back to Twisted Tree Farm in a heart beat if I could. If you want to expand your knowledge, develop your riding, and be successful in the show ring, Twisted Tree Farm is the place to be.

young horses because I had the perfect trainer (Janet) to guide me. I was even able to show one of the young horses at the Scottsdale Horse Show. Furthermore, I learned how to manage a barn, organize events, and how to represent a good working business. Twisted Tree Farm organizes great events, for example, their mentor day allows kids from disadvantaged backgrounds (monetary, socially, mentally or otherwise) to come to the farm and have a free day of riding and learning about horses. It was great to see how they developed confidence around the horses and Twisted Tree Trainers. All in all I had a great time at Twisted Tree Farm. I gained an unforgettable experience and had a lot of fun with the people and horses. If you are considering doing an internship, Do It! And do it at Twisted Tree Farm!

My name is Julia Giesebrecht and I am from Germany. When I decided to go to America I was a little bit nervous as America is a big country and you can feel lost very fast. But that is not how I felt at Twisted Tree Farm. I enjoyed all my time spent there; training horses, traveling to horse shows and all the activities the “TTF Family” participates in. From the very first moment I felt welcome. The atmosphere at the barn, between the clients, trainers, Janet and Larry, is friendly and comfortable. They always keep their eyes on the horizon and keep working for the next level. I was able to improve my English and everyone was helpful in answering my questions. Even though I had to use hand gestures to communicate at times. It was a lot of fun to train the

Intern Testimonials

The Learning Experience: Twisted Tree Farm Inc. provides interns with opportunities to learn all aspects of a professional career with horses.

The Twisted Tree Farm Internship Program offers:

  • Top level direction, teaching and supervision in all levels of horsemanship and riding development.
  • Assistance with potential jobs available in the horse industry.
  • Eye-opening entrepreneurial experiences and skill development.

Knowledgeable, caring, and helpful instructors will direct interns as they further their equestrian abilities. Twisted Tree Farm is located in a rural setting, providing the ideal atmosphere for a friendly and enriching learning experience.

Internships / Pasantías / Praktika

For more information or to apply for Twisted Tree Farm's internship program please contact us!

Barn Phone: 480.860.8215


Interns will

                                 participate in all daily activities of running a show stables from turning out horses to riding to tacking up to much more! Such experiences are invaluable for those considering a professional career in the horse industry. 

This program is a very unique, FULL immersion program. Interns must live at Twisted Tree Farm to participate in the internship. There is a 3 month minimum stay for this program in order to get the full experience. Tuition is $1,000.00 per month. 

Interns will experience and benefit from:

  • Lessons
  • Training horses
  • General horse care and maintenance.
  • Presenting sale horses when prospective buyers come to the farm.
  • All aspects of show stable management.
  • Marketing, public relations and business management.

Join us for an Unforgettable Experience!

A Unique Opportunity Provided Through Twisted Tree Farm

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