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  • Twisted Tree Farm Inc. offers year-round lessons for all ranges of skill, beginning through advanced.  Lessons are offered Tuesday through Sunday; the barn is closed on Mondays, (no visiting the property or horses unless an emergency arises).
  • Individual Group Lessons $70.00 each/ Private lessons $85.00.
  • Clients that wish to purchase a package of 10 lessons receive a 10% discount and have one year to use the lessons.
  • Lessons with Janet $85.00 (group) $95.00 (private).
  • Haul-in-fee $20.00 added

Board - Cost: $685.00 per month

  • Includes:
    • Bedded Stall with the following…
      •  Fans
      • Misters
      • 3/4’ Rubber Matts
      • Automatic Water Systems
      • Automatic Fly Spray Systems
    • Stall cleaning- 7 days per week
    • Alfalfa/Bermuda pellet mix (pellets include the following vitamins; copper sulfate, selenium, zinc sulfate, phosphoric acid, manganese sulfate, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, vitamin E , vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 , D-calcium pantothenate, choline chloride, vitamin B12 , riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, niacin, folic acid, and D-Biotin) fed in the mornings; Baled Bermuda hay or Alfalfa hay along with Alfalfa/Bermuda mixed pellets fed at night.
    • Administering supplements provided by client
    • Timothy Hay fed for an additional $100.00 per month.

Summer Utility Assessment (May through September) $85.00 per month-

  • This fee covers increase use of water for misters, increased drinking from horses, extra water for extra baths, increase fly spray for the fly spray system, additional hours of watering the rings, electricity for the fans, and cantina air conditioner. During the summer months the fans and misters are thermostat controlled (fans will start when the temperature reaches approximately 85 degrees, misters start when temperature reaches approximately 90 degrees).

Board When Training Horses are Away at Shows 

  • Horses in training with TTF at the shows receive a discount rate on boarding at home.  Regular Board/Handling for 1 month is $685.00 this breaks down to $22.83 per day.  The discount is as follows:  When your horse is gone for 15 days or longer in the same month, a daily rate of $15.00 will then apply, this is approximately 35% savings.   

Daily Board

  •  $50.00 per day non training horses. Training horses less than one month, Pro rated regular (daily charge)

Boarding Only Monthly (Stall Rental Plus)

  • Includes everything the same as "Board" above.
  • Includes everything the same as "Minimal Groom Service" below / turning out daily.
  • Includes "Summer Utility Assessment" above. 
  • Includes Blanketing for horse. 
  • Includes use of Tack room, Bathroom and Exerciser.
  • Includes riding in the arenas with access to the city trails.
  • $1,500.00 monthly this does not include Training, Lessons or any other services.  


  • For horses not in full training or on rehabilitation.
  •  $250.00 per month will include hand walks, use of the Euro-walker with minimal grooming and turn-out care. 

Training - Cost: $600.00 per month

  • Full Training at Twisted Tree Farm is a horse management program. This means that Twisted Tree Farm and the staff manage the care of the horse to an elite extent. This includes veterinary work when required and necessary, farrier/shoeing management, feed management, etc.​
  • Includes:
    • Full training includes daily turn-out and/or use of the Euro-walker.
    • Lessons for one rider (Unlimited number per month; schedule permitting).
    • Professional Training Rides, Health, Fitness and overall Horse Management
    • Holding horses for vet and farrier, if needed.  (Horses not in full training incur a $25.00 charge).
    • Blanketing is provided for full training horses.  (Horses not in full training blanketing fee is $70.00 per month)
    • Single Training Ride/Lunge Fee $85.00 per ride/lunging.

Minimal Groom Service - Cost: $125.00 per month (*required for ALL FULL TRAINING HORSES*)

  • Includes:
    • Minimal Groom Service covers the necessary grooming of horses in training for the professional rider, when riders are unable to ride (i.e. tack up, un-tack, bathe, etc.)
    • Minimal Groom Service provides limited grooming supplies. (ie. Brushes, shampoo, tack cleaner, etc.)
    • Minimal Groom Service covers the cleaning of the Euro-Exerciser, turnouts, and crossties.
    • The following supplies are provided; (show sheen, alcohol, hoof oil, fly spray, coat conditioner, corona, and liniment).
    • Limited assistance of the Grooms provided on Sundays. 
    • Riders are responsible for tack and equipment cleaning. 
    • Groom assistance (when available) in putting your horse on and off the Euro-Exerciser, after each lesson or daily ride.  Please try not leaving the training facility before your horse has been properly put away in its stall.   
    • Minimal groom service is mandatory for all training horses as the trainers are not responsible for tackig and un-tacking of training horses, grooms are hired for this service.  Riders are also asked to “tip” the grooms
    • Pro-rated minimal groom service is $25.00 per day.

Full Groom Service – Cost $300.00 per month

  • Includes:
    • Horse can be ready for you, call ahead or put your ride time on the board the day before.  Riders are also asked to “tip” your groom.  Grooms have lunch from 12 -1:30 pm in the winter; 12-2:00 pm in the summer, grooms will help during lunch break but please try to schedule your riding time before or after lunch hours.
    • Cover all services above without the help of the horse owner. 
    • All grooming supplies are provided.
    • Riders are also asked to “tip” the grooms.

Individual Services:

  • Special Feed $75.00/month:  Given twice daily. Mixture of equine senior, and/or high energy Grain and owner supplied supplements. 
  • Body Clip $185.00
  • Show Trim $25.00
  • Mane Pull $25.00
  • Blanketing for horses not in training is $70.00/month or $10.00/day.
  • Single Training ride $85.00 per ride.

Commissions and Consulting Fees:

  • Twisted Tree charges 10% to 15% commission on all sales and purchases. 
  • Horse shopping trips client will pay all travel, hotel, meals, etc. and bills related to the trip and will be charged $180.00 per day. 
  • All fees must be pre-paid.

Clients with an outstanding balance due past the 10th of the month will be charged a $25.00 late fee.
3% credit card fee will be charged for all credit card transactions- TTF accepts major credit cards.