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A Full Service Equestrian Training Facility

Board $685.00 per month Includes:

  • Stall cleaning 7 days per week
  • Turnout or Euro-Exerciser 6 days per week
  • Pellets and grass or Alfalfa hay fed AM and PM
  • Staff administers supplements which are provided by client
  • Timothy hay fed upon request add $90 per month

Training $575.00 per month Includes:

  •  Lessons for one rider (Unlimited number per month schedule permitting)
  • Professional Training Rides •Health, Fitness and overall Horse Management
  • Holding horses for vet and farrier, if needed
  • Blanketing

Minimal Groom Service $100.00 per month Includes:

  • Horse is prepared for lessons and daily rides by owner with the help of grooms.
  • Horse is prepared by grooms for the professional rider on days clients do not come out.
  • Grooms assist in putting your horse on the Euro-Exerciser.
  • Grooms assist in helping the client take horse off the Euro-Exerciser.
  • Horses are groomed before returning to their stalls after turnout and Euro-Exerciser.
  •  Clients are required to assist grooms on this service.
  • Twisted Tree Farm will provide brushes, shampoo, tack cleaner, etc.
  •  Clients provide monthly grooming supplies, such as; hoof grease, fly spray, coat conditioner, etc.
  • Grooms do not groom after 4:30 pm. Limited Groom service provided on Sundays.

 Full Groom Service $400.00 per month Includes:

  •  All services listed above and more without any assistance from the owner.
  • All grooming supplies are provided.
  • Not recommended unless you are a busy professional. Learning proper horse care and grooming is part of horsemanship.

Individual Services:

  • Special Feed $50 per month, given twice daily. Mixture of equine senior and owner supplied supplements. Oats are fed for the competitive show jumper, if necessary.
  • Body Clip: $175
  • Show Trim: $25
  • Mane Pull: $25
  • Blanketing for horses not in training is $50 per month or $5 per day.
  • Single Training Ride: $70.00 per ride.
  • Groom Service Day Rate: $25.00

Lessons Twisted Tree Farm Inc. offers year-round lessons for all ranges of skill from beginner through advanced. Lessons are offered Tuesday through Sunday; the barn is closed on Mondays.

Lesson horses are available upon a first come first served basis.

  • Group lessons $70.00 each.
  • Private lessons $80.00 each.
  • Group lessons with Janet Hischer $85.00
  • Private lessons with Janet Hischer $95.00 each
  • Purchase a lesson of package of 10 and receive a 10 % discount.
  • Haul-In fee $20.00

Commissions and Consulting Fees: Arizona state law entitles horse trainers to charge commissions on horse sales. Twisted Tree charges 15%-20% commissions on all sales. A fee may be charged on telephone consultations and prospective horse sales as well as purchase consultations. Consultation fee is $55 per hour or $250 per day. All fees must be pre-paid. Clients with an outstanding balance due past the 10th of the month will incur a $25.00 late fee.

Twisted Tree Farm accepts major credit cards.

Arizona's Most Competitive Training Stable!
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